Whether you have been wearing a beard for a while or just starting to grow one, you most likely have dealt with beard itch. 

Unless you're willing to shave off a sign of your manhood every month or deal with constantly dry, irritated skin that sheds like a winter blizzard, you need to learn how to maintain your beard and the annoying side effects that come along with rocking one. 

Continue reading to see how to handle irritated skin under your beard and our tips for preventing beard itch altogether.

If you are going to take time to grow a luscious beard and look like a Greek God, then you better know how to handle it. 

The Difference Between Beard Hair & The Hair on Your Head

Beard Hair is different than facial hair. Facial hair is androgenic hair that's growth is driven mainly by testosterone. Facial hair is thicker than the hair on your head, and testosterone can determine your beard's thickness and growth. 

What causes skin irritation under your beard?

There are a few common causes of beard itch and skin irritation under your beard. If you can grow a beard, you probably have dealt with dry skin, razor burn, build-up of dead skin cells from oil or dirt, and beard acne. 

Razor Burn

Using a dull razor blade or electric shaver on your skin can cause irritated skin or beard rash that can also lead to ingrown hairs as your beard grows. There are plenty of affordable, high-quality razors, so don’t be cheap and continue to damage your face.

Beard Acne

One of the number one causes of beard itch is beard acne. Just because you grow hair doesn’t mean you should stop washing it. You wash the hair on your head, so why stop when you grow hair on your face? A common cause of beard acne that irritates the skin is not continuing to cleanse the skin under your beard. Continued touching, dirt, & oil can cause your body to produce more sebum that, when mixed with dead skin cells that aren’t removed, can cause breakouts leading to irritated skin. 

How to treat and prevent beard itch/ Dandruff?

  1. Wash your beard with warm water and a gentle cleanser daily
  2. Focus on not touching your beard so much, causing you to apply other dirt and oil 
  3. One of the most important steps is finding a nice, gentle moisturizer to soothe and hydrate your skin. Use a hydrating lightweight non-greasy moisturizer like REVIVAL by PrettyBoy that will blend in immediately. 
  4. If you continue to struggle with an irritated dandruff beard, we recommend seeing your dermatologist, as you could suffer from a skin condition. Rubbing dandruff shampoo in your beard a few times a week is a great trick to minimize your beard dandruff.

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