PrettyBoy is the result two guys who put off addressing their own skin concerns for years because they were too self-conscious to have female products on their countertops & were overwhelmed by the amount of products to choose from. When they finally got over their egos, they couldn't find a brand that reflected their appreciation for a healthy & active lifestyle or that reflected them as individuals.

PrettyBoy provides highly effective, Dermatologist Preferred skincare products that men will be excited to use and proud to showcase on their countertop.

Men's facial skincare products, especially for those who lead an active lifestyle.

We know how overwhelming it can be to try new products, especially in an industry that guys are largely uninformed about. Hell, that's what took us so long to figure it out for ourselves.

We worked tirelessly to create a moisturizer that is effective, lightweight, absorbs fast, and most importantly is Dermatologist Recognized and Preferred.

And over 70% of Americans identify as having sensitive skin while 10% of Americans have some form of Eczema. It was extremely important to us that we make something suitable for most skin types (even the sensitive ones) without sacrificing performance.

That's why we picked 7 Dermatologist Preferred active ingredients, all of which are safe & non-toxic that specifically target the top concerns guys care about. Things like dry skin, oily skin, razor burn, aging, and irritation.

The result? A moisturizer that crushed the competition in a 50+ board-certified Dermatologist blind review of Revival against other well-known products.

Oh, and the cherry on top? Revival is the first male-focused brand Awarded with the Seal of Acceptance™ by the National Eczema Association.

So yeah, that's why we think you should pick us, but just in case it doesn't end up being the best moisturizer you've ever used, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.


In the same way that your body feels better when you eat healthy & looks better when you hit the gym, your skin needs to be taken care of to look, and feel, the best possible. For some its dry & damaged skin, others it's dark spots or large pores, while some are blessed with skin that would lead you to believe they found the fountain of youth. Whichever category you fall into, your face will thank you for taking the time to look after it.

There are three steps that every guy should be following daily.

1 - Cleanse Your Face. We recommend once or twice daily depending on your skin's type and needs.

2 - Moisturize. Moisturizing helps to reduce frequent skin problems like dry or flaky skin, damaged skin, or those wrinkles that are starting to make you look like a grandpa. It also helps to reduce irritation especially for those of you who shave frequently.

3 - WEAR SUNSCREEN! This is the number one driver towards more youthful, healthy looking skin. It helps prevent skin cancer, reduce wrinkles, and increase skin firmness so that you don't end up looking like that leathery old man down the street by the time you're 40. Find a lightweight sunscreen and apply it last in your daily morning routine.

There are so many benefits we wrote a blog about it which you can find here but mainly:

1 - It's part of a healthy lifestyle. You work hard to take care of your mind and body so why are you leaving your face in the dust

2 - It helps reduce skin problems

3 - Dry, Flaky, Damaged skin is unattractive

4 - It has anti-aging benefits

5 - A smoother, more soothing shaving experience


Not all of them. We're a safe brand, meaning that we use Dermatologist Preferred, non-toxic ingredients that are either natural or lab-created. Every ingredient is intentionally selected to have the most impact to your skin.

"Clean washing" is real and we do not want to overwhelm our customers with subjective marketing speak they don't understand. All of our ingredients are safe & we do not use any socially concerning ingredients.

Learn more by reading our white paper on dermatologist ingredient preference here.

No product is made for all skin types, which makes you unique, but we intentionally developed our products to be used on most skin types - even sensitive ones. Revival is a lightweight gel cream that is highly soothing and hydrating and targets the top concerns guys face.

Yes. Did you know that over 70% of Americans identify as having sensitive skin? We prioritized that statistic HEAVILY when developing Revival. Because of our intense focus on this, we were Awarded the Seal Of Acceptance by the National Eczema Association. This seal is only awarded to products deemed suitable for people with eczema or sensitive skin based on sensitivity, safety, toxicity, and ingredient testing data.

Revival is proudly made in the USA!


Please reach out to, and we will get back to you within 24-72 hours.

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