Is Eye Cream Necessary for Men? It Depends on One Thing

eye cream for men

TL;DR — Eye cream isn’t necessary if you already use a lightweight moisturizer on your face. Most “eye creams” are just regular moisturizers that add an unnecessary (and expensive) extra step to your skincare routine.


If you’re a dude who’s even remotely interested in taking care of your skin, chances are you get blasted with ads from brands slinging eye creams and eye sticks, which are supposed to deflate your eye bags and delete your dark circles.

But before you add another product (and another step) to your skincare routine, it’s worth asking: Is eye cream actually necessary for men?

The short answer is that it depends on what type of moisturizer you already use on your face (if any). 

We’ll take a wild guess that you’re not in the mood to sift through any scientific literature, so we did the dirty work and condensed everything you need to know about men's eye cream into this article. Keep reading to learn what this stuff actually is, whether it works, and if it’s necessary.

What Is Eye Cream?

As the name implies, eye cream is a skin care product that’s specifically formulated to be applied to the skin around your eyelids. They usually have moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, or antioxidant ingredients. Eye creams are supposed to target fine lines, puffiness, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, and dry skin.

The big selling point is that your eyelids and under-eye skin is different from the rest of your face, so you need separate products. It’s true that the skin around your eyes is delicate and can show signs of aging sooner. However, it doesn’t require a whole different concoction of ingredients to stay moisturized and healthy.

Eye sticks are another skin care product getting a lot of buzz. These contain the same active ingredients as eye cream—they just come in an applicator tube that makes it easier to apply.

Eye Cream vs. Moisturizer: What’s the Difference?

The ingredients in eye cream are nearly identical to the ingredients in face cream, but they may be present in a lower concentration to avoid irritation. For example, retinol and exfoliating acids are often left out of eye creams because they’re too harsh.

Some face creams may be too heavy or greasy to go around your eyes. But if you have a lightweight gel moisturizer, the two products are going to be virtually the same.

Other eye creams contain caffeine, which is supposed to “energize” your skin, reduce inflammation, and de-puff eye bags. However, the evidence for caffeine as a superhero skin ingredient is limited (at best) and the potential benefits are fleeting.

“Just like a cup of coffee only keeps you perked up for a few hours, so too do topical caffeinated products only provide benefits for a little while,” explains Cleveland Clinic. “As soon as the product wears off, your face returns to its standard state.”

Is Eye Cream for Men Really Necessary?

You don’t need to splurge on eye cream if you already use a lightweight face moisturizer

Most eye creams are just face moisturizers with slightly tweaked formulas and slick branding.

As long as you’re moisturizing your face every day with a lightweight product that’s free from irritants, there’s no need to crowd your shelf with eye cream.

4 Essential Skincare Ingredients for Your Eyes

If you want to keep the skin around your eyes looking healthy and hydrated, add these four things into your arsenal ASAP.

1. Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, which is a fancy way of saying it keeps your skin super hydrated. For PrettyBoy Revival, we use a blend of four types of hyaluronic acid that replenishes water from the outside while holding moisture from the inside.

2. Niacinamide

Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 that reduces inflammation, brightens skin tone, and keeps sebum in check so you keep your skin hydrated without looking like a greaseball. 

3. Ceramide NP

Ceramides are naturally occurring fatty acids that make up 30-40% of your outer skin layer, or epidermis. They’re like bodyguards for your skin, preventing germs from entering and fighting off dryness. 

If your skin's ceramide content decreases (which happens as you age), it can become dehydrated, so getting ahead of the game is crucial.

4. Sunscreen

UV rays are the kryptonite of healthy skin. If you’re spending time out in the sun, make sure to apply plenty of sunscreen to the skin around your eyes—ideally SPF 30 or higher. 

Simplify Your Skin Care Routine with Revival’s 6-in-1 Formula

Despite what your Instagram feed (or your girlfriend) tells you, more isn’t better when it comes to skincare products. You might think you’re helping your skin by adding eye cream to your routine, but you’re really only helping some company’s profit margins.

End the assembly line of products on your countertop and keep it simple with Revival. Our 6-in-1 formula does the job of moisturizer, eye cream, aftershave, and more—all with one pump. Don’t take our word for it, though. 93% of guys prefer Revival over their current moisturizer. 

Consolidate your skincare routine today and use the extra money to buy your mom something nice.

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