A lot of things but it starts with the desire to work hard and make yourself a little better each day.

They live a healthy lifestyle (most of the time) and understand the importance of self-care for both mind & body.

They care about the way they present themselves. Whether dressing up or dressing down, they know that first impressions matter.

They are charismatic, authentic, and give off a natural confidence that is infectious to others.

But PrettyBoy's are more than that. They know there's no "I" in team. They push the people around them to be their best and want to be held accountable in the same way. They know that there's no home without a community.

PrettyBoy. What used to be an insult to Men who gave a shit about taking care of themselves is now the fuel driving our desire to give men the knowledge, and confidence, to make better decisions around their skin, their body, and their mind.

Starting to sound familiar? A PrettyBoy is You.