Benefits of Moisturizing

Benefits of Moisturizing

Benefits of Moisturizing

What isn’t a benefit of moisturizing? Moisturizing is essentially hydrating your skin, but why is this important? Because when you hydrate with the right product, your skin absorbs and retains moisture better. This means  the appearance of dark spots & circles may be reduced and signs of aging can be  slowed. Moisturizing helps to soothe irritated skin, especially for the shavers out there, and even helps to control excess oil if the right ingredients are included. Oh, and it also helps to protect your skin from various environmental dangers like free radicals and UV damage. 

So, yeah, moisturizing does a lot for your face. But let’s dive a little deeper. Here are our top reasons for moisturizing – and why we think you should probably start doing so, if you aren’t. 

Reduce Dryness and Help To Correct Damaged Skin 

Probably the most obvious reason to implement a high performing moisturizer is to target dry, flaky, and damaged skin. This might even be the reason you found yourself on this blog. The reason the skin can feel and look dry or cracked is usually because something is causing the outer layer of your skin, called the epidermis, to experience abnormalities in how it’s meant to behave. The skin barrier serves primarily to keep bad things out and good things in. When this is thrown off, it can cause a reduction in certain fats and proteins that limit its ability to correctly hold water. When looking for a moisturizer, check out what promises the product makes, what ingredients it markets, and whether or not they can live up to their promises based on the studies available. 

Slow Visible Signs of Aging

    In the same way that biological differences in men and women contribute to them aging differently, biological processes also impact men and women’s collagen levels differently. Collagen is a protein that builds the foundation of skin strength and resiliency. Think of it as the collagen chassis that holds up the engine of cells that keep your skin barrier running on all cylinders. On average, men have about 20-30% higher collagen levels than women, this gives men significantly more structural support. The only issue is that once men reach their 30’s their collagen levels start to decrease…rapidly. The skin starts to lose its elasticity and firmness which leads to sagging, and wrinkles develop more quickly which then appear deeper and more visible. 

    Having a good moisturizer that promotes a hydrated and healthy environment for collagen nourishment and retention can be a gamechanger in slowing the visible signs of aging. This is why adopting a skincare regimen early on is so important. Although you may look like you are drinking from the fountain of youth now, the odds are that you’ll be looking like a grandpa a lot sooner than you think if you don’t start prioritizing your skin’s health.

    Irritation, Environmental or Shaving Induced. 

      Some of us are blessed with fast-growing, luscious beards (I’m not) which require frequent shaving, and there’s nothing worse than a red and irritated face for that first day aftershave. Just the nature of dragging a blade across your face is irritating to your skin, and those small cuts create scar tissue whose appearance worsens over time. Sure, the deluxe multi-blade razors we love so much feel smooth, but it’s established that more blades = more cuts and irritation. A well-developed moisturizer contains powerful soothing emollients and humectants that retain moisture, smooth, and soothe the skin to counteract potential damage.

      Shaving isn’t the only way men irritate their skin, indeed your skin is always being irritated. The environment is full of cell-damaging free radicals that can create a perfect storm for irritated skin…even more so if you’re one of the 70% of Americans who already identify with sensitive skin. Combatting this with a moisturizer that balances oil production and contains antioxidants is a good start in the life-long battle against razor bumps and the environment. 

      Control Oil Production

        By nature, men have more active sebaceous glands than women which in turn makes their skin oilier and prone to blemishes like acne. Moisturizers help to enhance the barrier function of the skin’s surface that prevents water loss. It’s a common misconception that oily skin does not require moisturization. Oily skin needs it just as much as any other type of skin. By increasing moisture in the skin, you can help to slow sebum production. 

        If you have oily skin, you should look for a non-greasy, oil-free moisturizer. If you can find one that is lightweight & fast-absorbing (like ours) that’s a major win. This will leave your face feeling clean and refreshed immediately after application. 

        Look for ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid & Glycerin which hydrate the skin without clogging pores or Niacinamide which helps to control excess sebum. 

        Reduce the Appearance of Eye Bags & Dark Circles 

          Dark spots and circles are a complicated topic caused by nature and nurture both. Some males are born with relaxed facial structures and imbalanced eye fat. Others spend too much time in the sun which accelerates aging by damaging the thin-skinned areas surrounding our eyes. All of these factors, along with the impacts of stress and poor sleep cause those dark circles to become more prominent, especially in the light. 

          That dreaded post night out look or the puffiness you see the morning after a salty meal are the result of inflammation and fluid collection, also known as edema. 

          So, now that we know eye bags are primarily driven by a combination of genetics & skin hydration, what should we look for in a skincare product when targeting them? 

          Again, it all comes down to ingredients. Thankfully, there are a couple of ingredients that are not only Dermatologist Preferred and backed by clinical studies and literature, but gentle enough to use for even the most sensitive skin types. 

          Niacinamide(Vitamin B3)is one of the only ultraviolet radiation-resistant antioxidants there is. It not only helps prevent skin aging due to sun damage, but also boosts natural lipid production, like ceramides, in the skin. Including additional Ceramides in a product can help to further enhance skin barrier function.This effectively creates a healthier “skin barrier” that  comes with a serious hydration boost. Hyaluronic Acid can bind up to 1000x its weight in water and deeply penetrates the outer skin layer to retain moisture. Additionally, Panthenol (Provitamin B5) as well as glycerin further enhance moisture retention and tighten up the skin around your eyes, reducing the appearance of bags. 

          Diminish Dark Spots

            Similar to the above reason, sun damage and aging leads to more darkly pigmented spots over time; active lifestyles outdoors come with its pros and cons. While physical sun-protection like hats, shade, and using SPF are the best things you can do to prevent them from progressing, a good moisturizer can serve a role in helping reduce this “hyperpigmentation” too. Also, niacinamide, again, serves as a sun protective agent – at active levels it can reduce hyperpigmentation and produce a strong antioxidant effect that fights off some of the negative oxidizing effects of ultraviolet radiation that come from the sun. This, in addition to the intense hydration, forms a healthier environment for your pigment-producing cells to operate in. 

            Balance Your Skin’s pH

              Since men produce more sebum their pH is often lower than women, which makes their skin more prone to impurities. In the same way that the environment can irritate your skin, the same factors can adjust the balance of your pH and this is especially impacted by living an active lifestyle. As your skin releases oil and sweats, your pH changes. 

              Moisturizing helps your skin work back towards a healthy and optimal pH level that your skin’s microbiome thrives in.

              Hopefully by now it’s obvious as to why you should moisturize, no matter what your skin looks like. It’s necessary for your health, helps you look your best, and to be honest, there’s some serious sex appeal in having a good skincare routine. 

              Now, the only thing left is finding the right moisturizer, and luckily, we’ve got that for you right here.

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