Here’s What Aftershave Actually Does to Your Face

what does aftershave do

Nothing can be more of an annoyance than an irritated red neck on your way to work, a date, or just running through life. Helping solve razor burn has been a topic since the entire idea of shaving was born and the reason the men’s grooming industry is estimated to reach $110 billion by 2030.

If you're a shaver, you've probably used aftershave at least once in your life. But do you know what it actually does to your skin? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at aftershave and its role in your skincare routine. 

What Does Aftershave Do?

Aftershave is designed to soothe the skin after shaving, especially if you have sensitive skin. It's meant to help prevent razor burn, nicks, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps. Aftershave usually contains antiseptic properties to disinfect the shaved skin and essential oils to hydrate and soothe the skin. Some of the most common ingredients in aftershave are witch hazel, aloe vera, chamomile, shea butter, tea tree oil, and vitamin E.

However, despite its intended benefits, aftershave doesn't always work as it's supposed to. Many commercial aftershaves contain harsh ingredients like alcohol that can actually dry out the skin and cause further irritation which is why the majority of dermatologists recommend using a high quality moisturizer.


Aftershave vs. Moisturizer

There is literally no difference anymore and most dermatologists would tell you to stop wasting your $$$ on aftershave and instead, use a high quality moisturizer that is typically more effective.

Many aftershaves can contain alcohol which ends up drying out your skin. If you struggle with razor burn then adopt a high quality moisturizer with hydrating and soothing ingredients.

Do You Need to Use Aftershave?

If you're prone to razor burn or have sensitive skin, using aftershave can help soothe your skin and prevent irritation. However, if you have oily skin, you may want to avoid using an alcohol-based aftershave as it can dry out your skin even more. Instead, opt for an alcohol-free aftershave or aftershave balm.

What Should You Use Instead of Aftershave?

Instead of using an alcohol-based aftershave, try using an aftershave balm or lotion that contains natural ingredients such as witch hazel, chamomile, shea butter, and aloe vera.

These ingredients are gentle on the skin and can help soothe and hydrate it. PrettyBoy offers an aftershave product that is suitable for all skin types and contain natural ingredients.



Is Aftershave Bad For Your Skin?

Aftershave can be bad for your skin if it contains harsh ingredients such as alcohol or if you use it excessively. Alcohol-based aftershaves can dry out your skin and cause dryness, flakiness, and irritation. If you have dry skin, using an alcohol-based aftershave can make your condition worse.

Aftershave vs. Cologne

It's important to know that aftershave is not the same thing as cologne. While both products contain fragrance, cologne is used to smell good while aftershave is designed to protect and soothe your skin. DO NOT PUT COLOGNE on your neck after you shave unless you want to be screaming like Kevin from Home Alone and inflame your skin even more. Best to avoid anything with fragrance. 

Stop Falling for Skincare Scams

Many men ask, is aftershave worth it? With aftershave being a leading product in the billion dollar mens grooming space, it makes Aftershave one of the biggest skin care SCAMS in history. Modern day aftershaves are just a moisturizer that they added a different name to sell you another product. Even chatGPT says to avoid using an After shave... 

In conclusion, treating your skin after you shave is an important part of your shaving routine, especially if you have sensitive skin. It's designed to soothe and protect your skin post-shave and prevent irritation. When choosing how to treat your skin post shave, consider your skin type and look for products that contain high quality ingredients to soothe and hydrate your skin.

If you're looking for quality aftershave products, check out PrettyBoy's Revival Moisturizer. Not only will it help solve your razor burn but it can also help target your dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles. Less is more when it comes to skincare!

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