Our Approach

PrettyBoy used to be a derogatory name for guys who cared about taking care of themselves. It’s now the fuel behind our mission of getting guys to take better care of their skin, themselves, and empowering them to feel knowledgeable and cool while doing it. We’ve seen, first hand, the benefits of implementing a skincare routine (it still hasn’t gotten Ben a girlfriend through) and we want to share those benefits with you.


We believe less is more and use the least amount of ingredients necessary, in the least amount of products needed to satisfy the daily application of SPF, Moisturization, and Cleansing recommended by Dermatologists. Ingredient lists shouldn’t read like a novel & 3 steps is more than enough for a beginner skincare regimen.


We only use Dermatology preferred ingredients clinically tested to impact the top concerns you told us you have - Dry Skin, Irritation, and preventing Visible Signs of Aging - without any unnecessary fillers or ingredients that sound like they’re better off in a salad


Gone are the days of men’s products being branded for cavemen (Sorry, Dr. Sasquatch) but not all of us want to smell like the underside of a rock. We are normal guys, former athletes and business professionals, who like to have fun and don’t take ourselves too seriously - PrettyBoy will always reflect YOU.

More than anything, PrettyBoy is a brand YOU can trust - every product we release will be functional, every ingredient intentional, and every decision made with you, our customer, in mind.