Two normal dudes. Kevin & Ben. College best friends & current roommates who have always shared a passion for entrepreneurship & a dream of starting a company together.

Before starting out on this journey, we knew as much about skincare as you probably do now.

We put off our skin concerns for too long and don't want that to happen to anyone else.

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Having both experienced various skin issues throughout our lives, we are both well aware of the frustration, and confidence issues, that come along with imperfections.

As a kid, Ben suffered from pimples popping up EVERYWHERE which came along with Dermatology prescriptions and dry skin. Part of this was due to the oily skin that comes along with his Lebanese heritage (but let’s not ignore the role all those bags of Doritos played with either).

Kevin’s story is a little different. He had similar issues - dry skin, irritation, frequent sunburns - throughout his youth and time as an Ohio State National Champion football player but it wasn’t until freshman year of college that he developed a minor skin condition which needed professional help and a consistent skincare regimen.

So, Kevin did as most men would. He asked his girlfriend. And, go figure — she responded exactly as most girlfriends would — with a routine that included approximately 10 products, 17 steps, and needed to be applied 4 times daily.

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Kevin Niehoff


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Ben Feys